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The Quick Sweep Of FANTASY March Edition


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The Quick Sweep Of FANTASY March Edition

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  • Time of issue:2020-04-01 14:43

The Quick Sweep Of FANTASY March Edition

There are five parts of contents within FANTASY March Edition.

The strongest fashion team creates a twenty pages of fashion for each issue, taking readers back to the past and forward to the future to immerse readers in their dreams, whilst helping all generations of British men and women shape a discerning fashion taste.They help broaden readers' horizons by opening up the entire world through the lens of fashion trends, dressing guides, interviews with designers. FANTASY interprets fashion trends in a cheerful and pleasing way, highlighting fashion items and big fashion events.

The beauty section of FANTASY covers authoritative beauty trend releases, discussions on leading beauty topics, visual presentations of extreme beauty, and practical beauty tips, insisting on the fusion of practicality and a high-fashion sense, so as to provide readers with visuals and content of the highest aesthetic standards.

FANTASY’s Art is the first professional art media outlet in British. In the new media era, it provides tens of millions of users with exclusive industry news and the most in-depth and valuable professional art reports every day. With 500 galleries, 1,000 art museums, 5,000 artists, and over 100 million exposures, Harper's BAZAAR Art has become the art museum in the hand by gathering together top-notch artistic resources.

The #1 source for celebrity news and inspiring stories.
Get the latest celebrity news and features from FANTASY, including exclusive interviews with stars and breaking news about everyone from the all over the world.

FANTASY Lifestyle focuses on sharing information on the five key areas for creating a fashion lifestyle including media, luxuries fitness, attitude and relationships — to help viewers create their best life possible

Like a newspaper feature, the Fantasy magazine feature stories are delivered in a style that is more entertaining or thought-provoking, weaving a story, even when delivering the news.

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With ten years of experience in the fashion industries, we are passionately dedicating ourselves in each event we come across. Guiding morden trends and Inspiring new people every year, leads us forward on the pass of fashion brokerage.



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