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What we are trying to achieve here is not just simply to Follow the trends, but to Create the trends within the fashion brokerage usiness.

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Our Story

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The KW Brokevage company is established in 2015, which predecessor was part of the British Fashion Council’s executive department. The KW Brokevage company has been working with some best fashion communities in the world. It has participated in 7 London Fashion Weeks, 5 New York Fashion Weeks and 2 Asian Fashion Weeks.

As a modern fashion brokerage company, we mainly focus on holding major fashion events, publishing magazines, organizing gala ceremonies, producing short films and advertisements.

The KW Brokevage also partners with the world's top partners, domestic listed fashion company, Enlighten Design Institute, Expo designer - Kostas Chatgainnis to bring the highest quality to customer’s projects.

At the same time, KW Brokevage is also entering overseas fashion operations, providing customers in North America and Asia best services and one-stop event-hosting services. We surely will hire some famous local executive company to help us dealing overseas projects.

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With ten years of experience in the fashion industries, we are passionately dedicating ourselves in each event we come across. Guiding morden trends and Inspiring new people every year, leads us forward on the pass of fashion brokerage.



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